A Changed Political Terrain

Samhain                                      Waning Harvest Moon

So.  Election day is over; the rascals have been thrown out and the new rascals will soon take their places in the halls of Congress and the Minnesota Legislature.  This is an opportunity to develop the bipartisan nature of environmental issues, since preservation and conservation are not, intrinsically, related to party.  Theodore Roosevelt, the ur-conservationist from a political perspective, was a Republican.  Economic justice issues will become more sharply defined and the outlines of a new liberal majority still remains a mystery.  Politics has one guarantee, change.

( bloodletting in politics is not new.)

I choose not  to  feel dejected, rejected or powerless in light of these results, instead those issues in which I believe need us more than ever.

On a brighter note, today I’m back to translating Ovid.  I’m 30 verses in to what I believe is about 15,000.  Almost there.

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