A Hollywood Death

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A high-flying publicist shot several times in the chest, her car, a Mercedes, crashing into a light pole.  Oh, Hollywood.  Ronni Chasen was on her way home when she was shot at the corner of Whittier Drive and Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  Here’s the strange part:  it looks like she was shot before she crashed, but there were no shell casings  in the immediate vicinity.

She had attended an afterparty for the premier of Burlesque.  She was found around 12:30 pm.

Black Dahlia, Day of the Locust, Hollywood Homicide, LA Confidential, Mulholland Drive all have a ripped from the headlines feel; it’s difficult to imagine this murder won’t show up on the silver screen.  If, no, when it does, it will take the peculiar role of publicist to its logical extreme.  A movie featuring a Hollywood publicist whose murder creates a movie and in turn feeds the media mill for other publicists.

A terrible place, Hollywood, where often the most salient aspect of its denizens are their miscues and horrors.

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