66  bar rises 29.68  0mph NNW dew-point 61  sunrise 5:57 sunset 8:42 Summer

Waning Crescent of the Thunder Moon

Sierra Club.  Numbers and names. Strategic decisions about endorsements and targeting of races.  All constrained by a set of compliance rules that would cross the eyes of a medieval theologian.  Still, this is the medium and political power is the message. 

Coffee afterward with Margaret.  We talked about organizing, but had to cut it short so Margaret could get back to her beagle.

Another wonderful summer night on the way home.  Stars in the sky.  A thin crescent moon somewhere, or not yet up. 

Still listening to Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf.  It is so different from what I remember, though my memory of it is fuzzy.  Makes me think of Steppenwolf, that wonderful German Sheperd who was part of my life for such a brief time.

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