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Just Stuff

Samhain                              Waning Harvest Moon Hmmm.  Vikings.  Hmmm. Off to the grocery store this morning.  A domestic weekend.  Work outside yesterday and today, inside, storing carrots in layers of hamster bedding, getting and putting away groceries, making two more leek and … Continue reading

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Samhain: 2010

Samhain                                                    Waning Harvest Moon In the ancient Celtic faith Samhain (October 31) and Beltane (May 1) were the only holidays.  W. Y. Evans-Wentz gave a folklorist’s account of that faith in his first book, . Evans-Wentz wrote this amazing work, … Continue reading

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Bee Diary: Winter Prep

Fall                                              Waning Harvest Moon Up by 10 today.  Still recuperating from the week.  Out to Stillwater to buy moisture boards for the bees and another cardboard sleeve for winter.  I already have two.  The process now is pretty straightforward.  Remove … Continue reading

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Mlid-Term Elections 2010

Fall                                        Waning Harvest Moon Politics in Minnesota started its private subscriber newsletter this week with this (to me) sobering paragraph: “The big news today is last night’s KSTP/SurveyUSA poll showing a virtual tie between Mark Dayton and Tom Emmer heading … Continue reading

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Rusty Latin

Fall                                                         Waning Harvest Moon Back into the Latin this morning with my tutor, Greg.  Boy, I got rusty in just two months off.  This language stuff requires constant attention.  When I went through college and sem, I took courses that … Continue reading

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Deep in the Books

Fall                                        Waning Harvest Moon Studying the history of landscapes the last two days.  Now I have to put the tour together before the Sierra Club meeting tonight.  This has taken a lot of time because I couldn’t recall much about … Continue reading

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