Harvest Moon, For Me and My Gal

Written By: Charles - Oct• 21•10

Fall                                               Full Harvest Moon

What a great moon in the southern sky.  As I drove back from St. Paul, after sheepshead, the night had grown chill.

On the way in the full harvest moon hung high in the east behind a scrim of cirrus clouds, casting a pale circle, surrounding itself in a nimbus of moonlight.  On the east, the full harvest moon, and on the west, the skyline of downtown against the late twilight sky.  Skylines have their own beauty, a fragile outline in light of daytime sturdy buildings.

We had a sixth tonight at sheepshead, a friend of Roy’s in from Appleton, Wisconsin.  The dealer sat out and we played our usual five man game.  Dick Rice came away the big winner.

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