A More Violent World

Mid-Summer                                                                          Waning Honey Flow Moon

A violent, but quick storm blew through this morning, sheets of rain and bending trees, water flowing in the gutters; in it I saw the world that is to come and is now, heat and deluge followed by tornadoes and flooding, the world we have wrought and one whose future looks only more chaotic and wild.  It is not yet a world impossible for human kind, but we seem bent on creating one.  In Death of the Liberal Class Chris Hedges says the only way our communitarian values will survive is if we hunker down and ride out the dramatic changes ahead, all the while resisting the oligarchy and its all consuming maw.

While I tend to agree with Hedges’ diagnosis and his prognosis, the optimist in me, the non-doomsday guy wants to keep struggling, trying to push our collectivity towards a sustainable future.  A piece of me wants to hang on to the political actions I take now, the measures Kate and I have already taken, not to head off in what might be a monastic and quietist direction.  Not sure right now how I’ll make a decision to change course, but it feels like I may be headed there.  A more violent storm still comin’.

We intended to spread mulch today, but canceled because of the storm.  Maybe tomorrow.  A good day to rest, collect ourselves for the week ahead.

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