Mid-Summer                                                                           Waning Honey Flow Moon

It doesn’t fit very well with other parts of my life, but I’m a big fan of the supernatural, maybe a hold-over from my orthodox religious days.  Don’t know.

Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana, is the heroine of Charlaine Harris’s novels, 12 in all.  She lives in a vampire, werewolf, fairy, shapechanger and maenad infested region which impacts her day-to-day life in ways wonderful and mysterious.  The HBO TV series, Tru Blood, roughly follows the novels’s plot lines.

It made me smile when I read this paragraph in an LA Times short piece on the 5th year of Tru-Blood.  It features my congresswoman, who has made such a name for herself and our district.

“Ball did hint, though, that the vampires might continue to fight over Sookie, but they will unite to fight for their survival as the season reaches its dramatic conclusion. The year’s big baddie, Marnie, played by Fiona Shaw, isn’t exactly the threat Ball mentioned, though: “They’re going to stick together because they are fighting against a common enemy,” he said. “And that enemy is Michele Bachmann.””

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