Ancient of Trails

Winter                                      First Moon of the New Year

Rock Hopper juvenile Falkland Islands

The Tumblr site is up, though it has very few postings right now.  That will change over the next few weeks and the initial postings may change, too, as I use the new theme more.  You can access the site through the link, Ancient of Trails, found at the top of the right hand column here.

Why another blog?  Tumblr allows for much easier posting of photos and emphasizes them over print.  We have a large number of photographs and I need the impetus to organize and fiddle with them.  In late January I’m taking a two session class on Adobe Photoshop, then another later in February.  In March and April I plan to learn two more Adobe programs.  I bought an Adobe Creative Suite last fall before the cruise but the programs are too complicated to use without some training upfront.

All of this, too, ancientrails and ancient of trails, will leave cyber footprints for children and grand-children, a way to look back at Grandpa and Grandma, see what they were up to back when computers actually sat on desktops, folks still had landlines and watched broadcast tv.  You know, the old days.

Starting in January I’m going to begin mining ancientrails for a 2012 writing project, one 5,000+ word essay a month, so there are additional uses for them, too.  Thanks for reading, time to start doing some Latin.

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