Go Team

Winter                                    Garden Planning Moon

Business meeting this morning.  Kate worked yesterday.  Still fine tuning the budget, but it looks pretty well crafted right now.  Just have to manage it for awhile, get the feel of it.  We checked our calendar out through March, making sure we didn’t conflict on car use.  Moving to one car has, so far, been easier than I had imagined it would be.

Cranking on Missing now.  1,500 words a day.  Challenging, but not too much so that I can’t do it and still do other things.

Still in transition, but the patterns and the rhythm have begun to come clear.  Finally, on Friday, I noticed the benefit of the short burst training I’ve been doing.  Lower heart rate at higher workloads on the easy days.  Increased weight on the resistance work.  Gotta keep changing things up.


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