The Anti-Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment

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On a round of errands.  First stop.  CVS.  Two items:  a knee brace, number 2 for my left knee, now complaining because I’ve left it unsupported.  I think.

And, of all things, Nair.  For my head.  Yes, that’s right. I’m about to try something I consider weird.  Sort of the anti-Rogaine approach to hair loss.  This stems from a period, recent past, when my hair grew out and the remaining hair on top insisted on standing up and imitating a mohawk, a really wispy, faint mohawk.  What to do?

Comb it over?  Didn’t work.  Static electricity kept popping it back up.  Kate cut it with the rest of my hair but then the remaining lawn on top had a raggedy look.  So, I took the clippers and shaved the edges.  Ah.  More symmetrical.

Still.  Looked silly.  Next stop.  The razor.  Yes, I shaved my head.  I know, but hey, I said adjusting to the last third of life had its moments.  This is one of them for me.  Kate suggested a hypoallergenic depilatory.  Say that one ten times fast.

I find this product on shelf space devoted to waxing.  Specifically Brazilian bikini waxing.  I know.  Do I want products like that on my head?  Fortunately, the old standard from long ago, Nair, comes in several flavors, one of them for sensitive skin.  Mine.  Gonna try it.

What’s next?  Johnson’s Wax for that all day shine.

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