Working on the Forest Edge

32  bar steep rise  30.08  0mph NW  Windchill 31   Samhain

Waning Gibbous Dark Moon

Got groceries at Festival.  Grocery prices have gone up, maybe 15-20%.  Many people bought their Thanksgiving turkeys from a young woman with a table set up beside the butcher’s counter.  Christmas music played in the background, in sympathy, I guess, with the lonely retailers who expect no Christmas present purchases this year.

Once again I purchased produce unrecognizable to the check-out person, a friendly girl of about 18.  Is this a rutabaga?  No, jicama.  Is this a sweet potato?  No, a yam.  Oh, do they taste different?  Yes and have different colors, too.  What about these, are they good?  Rambuta.  Yes, just slice around the middle and take the top off.  Are they sweet?  Yes, if you like sweet, you’ll like these.  They’re not too sweet, are they?  No.  Medium.

Then I was on my way with my plastic bags, once again shopping without the cloth bags I’ve purchased for the purpose.   I wish they’d hop in the car without my having to remember.

orchard-week-1frtrees400006.jpgThe rest of the morning I cleared ground along the forest edge so I can put down black plastic, then mulch, to kill all the flora we do not want in the way when we plant the crops that will distract the birds from our orchard.  They will provide a height sensitive edge, stair stepping back toward the poplars, ash, cedar, oak, acacia and pin cherry behind them.

Built up a good appetite.  Still eating the 11-bean soup I made a week and a half or so ago.  Nap.

Now, after the nap, I’m doing inside things I’ve held off until I had a bit of time in the afternoon.  I put ink cartridges in my Canon Pixma printer.  This is a real rip-off.  Even when printing only black, like copies, it uses up colored ink.  This means that you have to replace the color cartridges as often as the black ones.  Guess what?  The colored cartridges are expensive.  Anyone with this printer as their primary printer pays a lot for the privilege.  My laserjet printer handles black and white in an economical manner.

Also cleaned the carpet in the study.  Dogs leave the occasional trail.  Also cleaned the stairs.  Dogs, again.

Kate’s upstairs threshing beans from our garden.  I look forward to using them in recipes over the course of the winter.

The cones are finally on the zone 5 grasses in the perennial garden.  I hope they survive.  They were a nice, delicate touch behind the lilies, iris and, later, the iris and sedum.

Oh. BTW.  No fruits on the pepper or eggplant yet.  It was a false pregnancy.  This may take a while to get down.

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