10,000 Hours

Summer                                               Under the Lily Moon

OK, I’m late to the 10,000 hour rule.  You probably know about it from Macolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers.  I missed it or, if I noticed it, I passed it by.

It did make me think when I ran across it recently.  What would be worth spending that much time to polish?  First question, is there anything I’ve done repeatedly, for hours at a time, over several years?  Yes, writing.  Being a student.  Engaging in political activity.  Studying Art.  And most recently, translating Latin.

Second question.  Are there any of those that I want to continue that I might pursue at a pace to reach 10,000 hours or so?  I’ve already reached that level in being a student and, I’m sure, in political work.  That pares the question down to writing, art and Latin.

I will continue writing, so writing at an increasing pace makes sense to me.  Studying art is fun, but I’m never going to put in 3 hours a day at it.  Just not that interested.  But.  The Latin?  Maybe so.  Maybe so.

That would mean pruning my close attention and active time to two activities, writing and Latin.  Might make sense.  Hmmm.

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