Nose in the Book

Summer                                                Hiroshima Moon

Spent the day translating Ovid.  I’m pleased with my progress and now am impatient for the next breakthrough.  That one will only come with a vastly expanded vocabulary and many more hours of translating, but I can see it there, off in the distance.  Then I will be able to set about the task of translating the Metamorphoses, the project I’ve gone through all this learning to accomplish.

There are, too, other texts that would be fun to work on, especially, for me, some of the historians like Tacitus, Livy, Caesar, Plutarch.  I know.  Some fun, eh?  Works for me.

Interrupted late in the process by air conditioner repairman.  Ours cut out again sometime last night.  But, as it did last time, it started as the repair guy got here.  Go figure.  We’re rebuilding the damn thing one part at a time.  Last time the capacitor, today the relays.  Educated guesses without a particular problem to diagnose.  90 day warranty on repairs through Center Point.  No extra money paid today.

Later, sheepshead.

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