Vikings. Then, Vikings.

Lugnasa                                                  Garlic Planting Moon

Thank you Vikings for continuing to free up time on Sundays later this fall.  I think I might take that online course on mythology.  Don’t know why, but as a fair weather fan, I’m willing to come back if you show me some winning football.

Guess in the end I’m a transplant when it comes to football, even though I’ve been here over 40 years.  The Vikes are just not enough my team to keep me interested in the rebuilding years.

Friday workouts are intense.  My back, my legs, my shoulders and chest all feeling it this morning.

Today’s a cooking day, so I’m off to the grocery store.

Oh.  One more thing.  Kate and I did watch Vikings last night, the Vikings in How To Train Your Dragon.  Much more entertaining than the football bunch.

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