The Friday So Far

Lugnasa                                                              Garlic Planting Moon

Latin morning.  Greg, my tutor, says he sees a lot of progress.  I can feel it, too.  He wants me to start reading Vergil now, at least a sentence or two a session.  I’m now translating with fewer and fewer mistakes, often where I’m confused, so is Greg.  He still gets me out of tight places and we wonder about the tougher ones together.  It’s more collegial.

(Philemon and Baucis)

Kate and I went up to Isanti to the Creamery for lunch and then down to Greenbarn to pick up some composted manure, sweet corn, cucumbers and, ironically, tomatoes.  I want to make a double batch of tomato/leek soup this weekend and we don’t have enough ripe tomatoes right now.  I’m gonna do more pot pies and make some chicken noodle soup as well.  All for the freezer.

As you might able to tell, my mood has lifted, I’m back in the with it range.  A lot of the lift came from talking it out with a Kate a week or so ago.  She’s a great listener and my love.  The combination is a good one for healing.

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