A Bit of Dog Medicine

Samhain                                                        Thanksgiving Moon

Up and out for the dogs this morning.  On the way over I was feeling a bit down, a little tired, didn’t workout last night, generally blahhness.  When I got to the kennel, Eric, the guy that runs the place, told me, “If you could breed these guys and produce all dogs like Vega you’d have a definite new breed.”  He’s right.  Vega’s a sweety, intelligent, just willful enough to be interesting and a dog of true leisure.

Feeling a bit better after that.  Always nice to have an outsider reinforce your own feelings.  Then the dogs came out with handlers.  Jumping, straining at the leashes, wanting to get at me, say hi, lick my face, bump me.  Right then whatever blahs remained drifted away.

On the way back with all four dogs trying to sit in the front seat, I realized what I was missing.  Companionship.  And someone who needed me.  The house is no longer empty.  And neither am I.

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