A Quiet Sunday

Samhain                                                                       Thanksgiving Moon

A quiet Sunday.  Up about 7 with the dogs.  Breakfast, oatmeal and a banana.  Downstairs to write my first pass on the assignment for the mythology class.  After that over to Festival.  Back.  Had two more pieces of pizza for lunch.  I said it was quiet day.

Started the soup, a thirteen-bean soup.  I soaked the beans over night, rinsed them, a bit foamy, added 5 quarts of water (I know. A lot of soup.) and a smoked turkey leg (replacing a ham-hock.  Less fatty, still smoky), brought it up to a boil, down to simmer for 3 hours.  Took a nap.

Got the ingredients for the  last thirty minutes of the soup together:  2 quarts tomatoes, chili powder, dried garlic flakes (ours), an onion, 2 cups worth.  This red onion made me back away from the counter, chemical warfare.  Damn effective.  All into the pot.  Boil again.  Wait.

It’s done.  Cooling.  Supper tonight.  And for many other nights.  A lot of it, most of it, will go in the freezer.  Tired of eating meat, fatty things, over indulgence.  Don’t like it but I do it anyhow.  A puzzle.

Now.  Edit the writing assignment.  250 words is a very tight capsule.  Got to squeeze information in sideways.

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