New Moon Coming

Samhain                                                                             Thanksgiving Moon

The Thanksgiving moon has almost winked out.  After the new moon, the Winter Solstice Moon will rise, the lunar watch over our longest night.  That’s only 10 days away.  As I’ve written often here, this is my favorite holiday, that pause in the cycle of the year where we can focus on the night, on the darkness, on the fecundity and the danger.  I guess I’m in my own Advent season right now.  As the time ticks away, closer and closer to our latitude’s longest absence from the sun.

By the time it comes, Missing will have its revision finished, this first one and have been printed out and in the hands of beta readers.  This liturgical season, Samhain, summer’s end, is the season of the final harvest and it’s fitting that at its end the work on Missing will wrap up for now.  It is also fitting that, in the liturgical season of the Winter Solstice, that a new book will begin, Loki’s Children.  In the darkness seeds grow, push out roots, explore the path to the air.  Waiting for springs warm days.


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