Imbolc                                                                  Valentine Moon

The move continues.  The garden study has begun to take on its new shape, a place for art making and art scholarship.  One bookshelf is almost full with reference works like the Grove Dictionary of Art, Oxford Dictionary of Art, four different art history texts, a reference work on materials and techniques as well as my collection of texts on Asian art.

The other emptied shelf has other books, all my pre-Raphaelite books, texts on contemporary art, books devoted to individual artists:  Malevich, Munch, Titian, Picasso, Caravaggio.  Soon all the art books will be out of the writing study and the freed up space will allow the books have piled up on the floor over the last couple of years to finally find shelf space.  Oh blessed day.

Don’t think I’m gonna get to the files today.  This involves moving all my art object files to the horizontal file folder in the garden study after I remove all the files related to my history of Lake Superior into banker’s boxes for temporary storage.  Then, in the file cabinet here in the writing room, I’ll put all the files related to short stories, novels, markets, Latin plus material on the Enlightenment, Modernism, Romanticism and world religions, especially of the ancient variety.  These are the subjects that have held my attention over the years.

I don’t like doing this.  But, I’ll like the finished result.  A lot.  So.  Carry on.

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