Singapore. Saudi Arabia. U.S.A.

Spring                                                                        Bloodroot Moon

Singapore-Riyadh-Andover.  Skype keeps the family together, once atomized, now a small molecule bonded by the internet.  Today and yesterday are Riyadh based brother Mark’s weekend and it’s Good Friday so Singapore civil servants, including my sister Mary, have the day off.  As most family conversations go, we wanted to know about cousins and Mark’s medical procedure, Mary’s featured role in an Indonesian international education conference and her trip on to Valencia for another conference.  My recent trip to Washington, D.C.

This all has a 1950’s video telephone feel to me.  Formica table tops and background posters for fall-out shelters would fit.  Yet we are in the third millennium after the birth of Jesus.  A lot of  the 1950’s wildest ideas blossoming all around us and a whole raft of unanticipated ones, too.

I especially like the tricycle in the background and the thoughtful, well-dressed housewife showing how easy it is to get below ground when the atomic weapons start dropping.  Makes me feel safer.


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