Pain Recedes. More Snow on the Way!

Spring                                                                       Planting Moon

Well, the glow of the morning has given way to a sore back, but not a painful back.  Each day now movement grows easier and stays pain free longer.  Just where I want it to go.

Another rest day today though.  Took the truck in for a maintenance visit, 20,000 miles and we’ve had it almost 2 years now.  Going slow on the odometer, thanks in part to renting cars but mostly to neither Kate nor I using the truck for work.  My trips in and out of the city have diminished, a lot, since I took my leave of absence from the MIA.

Tomorrow morning, though.  Ovid.  Translating.  Then some time on Nighthawks.  I’m going to send my interpretation matrix along with the group to Chicago.  But, I have to finish it first.  Plenty of time, but it will take some work.

The 25th + annual retreat of the Woolly Mammoth clan is this week.  We’re heading up to the north shore.  We picked this time of year so we get out and about more.  What’s that?  Snow on Wednesday?  Are you sure?

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