Beltane                                                                             Early Growth Moon

I got hustled.  Kate picked her event for May.  She chose the artist invented 18 hole miniature golf course at the Walker Sculpture Garden.  After a hot dog purchased at the Dog House and eaten on interlocked wooden pic-nic tables, we went into the Flatpak ™ building that houses the golf balls and putters.  Kate chose green and I chose blue.  That was the last time we were equal.

She proceeded to wipe up the spirals and ramps and gravity drops, leaving me, in the end, 10 strokes down, though with a perfectly respectable 67 for 18.  She had a wunderkind 57.  Geez.  Like I said.

A fun outing and something I would not have done without her prodding.  She said it did reconfirm however her inability to play regular golf, too hard on the back.  She always beat me there, too.

The Walker’s got a lot of construction going on, to what end I don’t know.  Lots of covered walkways and shielded work areas.






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