Missing found.

Samhain                                                                        Thanksgiving Moon

Missing, the 4th revision, is at home now, having had its beta reading.  That means I’m taking the manuscript up today, seeing what to do, how to hone it one more time. Revision jumps to the front of the line for time, so the Latin will move to 11:00 a.m. and ModPo, this last week, to the afternoon.

There was an interesting perspective on revision I saw last week.  Something like: revision’s not so bad because you know you already have a novel.  True.  And I have few more lying around, too.

Having the ability to arrange my days around the growing season, my writing, the Latin and, now, MOOCs, has made it so I’ve never missed my docent work at the MIA.  Too big a time suck.  How to add art back into my life at that level of intensity, though, still eludes me.  That I miss, the intense immersion in the world of art.  I don’t miss the driving, the tour preparation, the tours.

And now, back to Missing.


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