Plyo, Oh Myo

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On Saturday afternoon the P90X program kicked into plyometrics.  This involves jumping, twisting, turning, lunging.  The chest and back resistance work of the day before went ok.  It was a challenge, sure, but I expected that.  Wanted it, in fact.

Plyometrics on the other hand.  To use buddy Frank Broderick’s favorite epithet, “It kicked my ass.”  These workouts are 60 minutes long with little downtime.  I made it through the full 60 with the resistance work, but the plyo?  30.  I. Couldn’t.  Do.  Anymore.  That will change over the next few weeks.

Tony, that’s Tony Horton as I mentioned before, says you can get 8 pack abs.  8?  I can’t find any.  Always thought the highest you could go was 6.  Sounds like he’s setting me up to fail. Doncha think?

Variety is important in workouts and this is a great change from my previous routines.  It’s cold outside, but I’ll be warm in just a few minutes.


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