Ancientrails Rides The Rails

Beltane                     Waning Flower Moon

Ancientrails will hit the road on Friday.  I’m not sure about wireless connections while I’m on the train, though I’m guessing they exist in the First Class lounges where I’ll wait between trains.  At any rate, I may be down for a day or two, but I’ll start posting for sure in Hilton Head on Sunday.

It’s strange, doing so much earth connected work: planting, moving daylilies, tending bees then getting on a train and riding away from it all for 18 days.   Travel during the growing season has definite windows and I’m just touching one, the average day of the last frost in our area, May 15th.  That’s this Friday.  That means I’ve planted a tiny bit ahead of the average date, but the overall weather pattern looked favorable.

I do have other planting that needs to get done, but I can’t do it until our number of available beds increases with the work of Ecological Gardens that can not happen until May 26th and May 27th.  I’ll be back shortly after that, so I’m not missing much.

We’re hiring some neighborhood help with weeding.  That’s the primary challenge while we’re gone, not letting the weeds get ahead of the vegetables.

Travel is a part of my Self, a way I work on who I am and what I mean.  It’s been that way for so long that I can’t recall which came first, travel or working on who I am.  It may be that the journey toward Selfhood never ends, or it may end with definite suddenness at death, but in either case it lasts a lifetime at least.  We need all the tools available to us.

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