A Sixty Degree Temperature Swing

24  87%  21%  0mph  SSW  bar29.96  steady  Winter

           Waning Gibbous Winter Moon

As the winter moon wanes, a warm up heads our way.  Tomorrow the temperature will hit 40.  That’s a sixty degree swing within the week.  Not unusual for Minnesota, but impressive anyhow.  I’ve read that we have the most significant temperature and weather type fluctuations of anywhere on earth, though Siberia is similar.  That’s Siberia.  As in the place to which you were exiled as to the lonliest and most inclement place on earth from Moscow.  One of the most inclement places on earth.  So….

On this point Paul Douglas, local weather sage, whose long term eye is better than his short term one, has a website up that is worth a visit, www.climatespot.com. I’ve added it to the blogroll, too.

The sun shines today and small dimples have begun to show up at the base of trees, shrubs and the winter remnants of last year’s flower garden.  As the weather warms, the snow sinks away first at the point where something that can warm up meets the ground.  I hope that this warm up will bring a fresh snowfall, one that will fill in the dimples and freshen up the sagging snow.  It looks, and feels, like early March, deceptive though.  In March I can look out the window, notice the same changes and get the feeling, as I did momentarily this morning, plants have begun to stir underneath, that buds will open on trees and maybe a few early daffodils and the bloodroot will break the ground.  In March that is a fond hope, one with the chance of reality in a month or so, two at most.  In late January, not true.  February can have cold and snow like January.  March often has big snow, but the snow doesn’t last.  That feeling today only leads to dis-ease.  It is not a hope that can sustain itself in the near term future.

I continue my study of Taoism, look for some new additions to the Taoism pages. 

One Response to A Sixty Degree Temperature Swing

  1. Charles,

    Thanks for the link to ClimateSpot – trying very hard to get the word out about what I believe will be one of the most important stories of the 21st century. Yeah, the forecasts in January have been tougher than usual – it stinks being on the edge of these storms (most of which have veered off just south of the cities). No, I don’t think I can blame climate change – although it seems forecasting short-term weather has become more difficult in recent years. The computer models only go so far…

    Keep up the great work on your blog!