Accepting a New Position

Summer                      Waxing Summer Moon

The escape artists of our local pen had to remain outside when I drove into the Sierra Club meeting.  They did not break out again.  In this case they need an incentive to escape.  That usually consists of a human in a place not immediately accessible to them.  I was gone; Kate was gone; ergo, no incentive.

This was the baton passing moment for the legislative committee.  Josh introduced me as the person taking over from Dan Endreson, who had filled the job for the last four years.  I enjoy politics, enjoy talking politics and enjoy the strategy and execution.  This position will be a lot of work, but a type of work that energizes me.

The heat which sat on us for a couple of days has modulated a bit downwards and the night is pleasant.

The waxing summer moon is the slimmest of slivers, a nursery rhyme moon in need of a cow.

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