A Measure of Progress

Winter                                                            Settling Moon

The cardboard pile out front, Kate’s measure of our progress, continues to grow. Details get taken care of. Two bids on Blizzaks (snow tire) are coming in; the electrician, Eric, was here to discuss installing our generator; the Adam’s Plumbing Company will come out to inspect our boiler and two gas heaters.

Snow has been falling since morning. The snow blower has to be fed. Kate got another two gallons of gas on her errand run about town, plus a pair of new jeans for me: black and cowboy cut. That’s all they had in my size. Comes with a lariat and a free coupon to ride an ornery bull.

The most exciting news for us, though, is the Tuesday arrival of a washer and dryer. We’ve been wearing down the cache of clean clothes packed in Andover.

Now, I have to cut up cardboard. More progress!


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