Winter                                                           Settling Moon

The half settling moon is in the sky. We’re not half done, but the reading room, living room and the two bathrooms resemble their future counterparts. The kitchen though remains mostly with king cardboard, as does Kate’s sewing room, my loft, the garage, the dining room, the home office, the grandkids room and the guest room.  We’re both excited about our progress, steady and considerable, especially given altitude acclimatization.

The body, our bodies, the dog’s bodies, are miracles. Here we are living where the available oxygen is, at first, inadequate for our needs. After several days with lack of adequate oxygen though, these mammal bodies say, huh. We need to do something here. We need to produce more red blood cells so we can take in more oxygen with each breath.

And so it is that we’re not quite as winded as we were this last week, our sleep is not quite as disturbed. Both of us can feel our bodies changing, adapting to this semi-alien environment. Amazing. All part of the adventure.



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