Earth’s Chariot Passes the Post Again

Winter           New Year’s Eve                                   Settling Moon

2014 has run its course. The earth returning, again, to its spot on the orbit around the sun when we marked another successful voyage. Of course, the new year could be celebrated from any point, and different dates and seasons of its observance often mark off one culture from another.

The one I prefer, the Celtic, sees the new year begin on October 31st, the beginning of the fallow season. This one, January 1st, seems odd, at least here, since it falls in bleak mid-winter, with the days preceding it and the ones after often similarly cold and snowy.

It is though the prevalent one here and the one with the most resonance, the most memories for me. So, it matters and it matters this new year that 2015 will be our first full year here in Colorado. Our mutual resolution is to be fully settled, at least physically, this year. In the short term that means ridding our house of card board.

In the longer term it means new friends, new rhythms, adventure based from the mountain home rather than the northern midwest. It also means getting back to productive work. My Latin has lapsed as has my writing. I want to get back to thinking and writing again. But not before we have our home fitted out.

If you’re going to make it to midnight, good for you. As for me, the new year will enter during my dreams.


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