A Mountain Spirit

Written By: Charles - Jan• 26•15

Winter                                                                                     Settling Moon II

Sunny and 68 degrees! The sound of snow melting and falling off the roof sounds like rain. The driveway will be clear if this lasts another day. Oddly, we’re the warmest of several weather stations in the Conifer, Evergreen area. Weather Underground allows you to tap into personal weather stations and there’s one very close to us that’s showing the 68 temperature.

The colder, darker days of Minnesota were great for writing, for contemplation. This weather will push me outdoors more, I’m sure. Once, that is, I’ve got my working space in order.

Discovered two neighborhood businesses today: HAN Motogear and Black MountainHAN MotogearStaging and Design. Eduardo and Holly run HAN Motogear out of a large shed. They live directly across the street from us. Black Mountain Staging and Design, which is also close, is run by Shirley Jorgensen and has a Viking featured on the website. Seems pretty familiar. And, for that matter, this loft in which I write was a home to a small business before we bought the house. A mountain entrepreneurial spirit roams here.

Well. Back to the book arranging. Fun.


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