Where’s the E-Collar?

Written By: Charles - Apr• 29•15

Spring                                                               Beltane Moon

Shaggy dog story. We took Vega and Kepler to the vet on Monday. Kepler needed an e-collar to prevent him from worrying his tail. We brought the e-collar home, intending to put it on him in the evening.

When we went to get the collar, it was gone. We looked all over the house. No collar. OK, that’s weird. Where could it be?

As we eventually concluded, one of the dogs, probably Vega, picked it up, chewed on it and left outside in the backyard. Vega never liked the e-collar. When she had one, she refused to acknowledge on it, barreling through doors, bending the plastic so she could go where she wanted.

This was a pre-emptive strike against the cone of shame.

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