Time at the Temple

Lughnasa                                   Waxing Green Corn Moon

A tour with students attending a summer Chinese class went well.  These kids were a bit shy at first, but they warmed up and began to interact.  We investigated the honoring of ancestors, the development and elaboration of Confucian thought and Taoist thought as well as the introduction and spread of Buddhism.  I’ve still not hit on a good way to talk about these three.  In the West we often refer to them as religions, but they’re not, at least in their original forms, religions.  They are philosophies of life, but philosophy of life is an opaque term.  The word religion obfuscates and philosophy creates confusion.  Still a conundrum.

After that tour I spent some time wandering in the temple, as Mark Odegard once referred to the MIA.  The American art tour for the Chilean students this Friday has forced me to investigate new works and revisit in a new way some I already know well.  Jean-Marie told me about a tour she gave called, Picturing America.  Some good tips there.

Lunch with Antra, Sally, Mary, Jean-Marie.  Mac and cheese from the bambino menu for me.  Back home.  Nap.

Now, work out.

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