Groceries and Bauhaus

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Spent an hour in the Modern design galleries discussing the Frankfurt kitchen, Tatra, arts and crafts, bauhaus and art moderne with people from Supervalu. 

The event started at 5:30 PM and I showed up at 4:45PM.  Went up in the gallery, 3rd floor, new wing to check out my objects.  The museum announced closing and a guard checked to see why I was still there.  Supervalu.  Oh, OK.

That gave me a half an hour after the museum closed to the public and before the Supervalu folks began to trickle into the galleries.  It was strange, like being in a store after closing.  The feeling is intimate, as if for a suspended moment the museum, or at least these galleries, had only me to appreciate them.  

To carry the store analogy a bit further, as I walked the two galleries of my assignment, I had to engage people ad hoc, as they looked at an object.  At first it felt intrusive, then a long ago memory floated into consciousness, working the floors at the WT Grant company when I was in managment training.  It was the walking back and forth, seeking moments to engage people that resonated, partly aimless, partly repetitive, partly hopeful.  The only difference was that at WT Grant I had pets and toys while here I had a hundred years of skilled design.

The time went fast, only an hour, then I was away, back into a blustery November night with a cloudy sky, headed home.

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