Fall                                                                            Hunter Moon

Aaaarggghhh. Let’s finish it. Two candidates, neither one of whom I want, but one I really, really don’t want. Vote. Vote. Count. Declare. Concede. I may want to underscore that last point, concede! “I’ve had all I can stand, I can’t stands no more.” popeye

Here’s a confession. Even though I want the election over, now, I think the aftermath will be ugly. In either case. Trump or Clinton. The polarization is real. It will be tough to govern through it, especially for Clinton if, as seems most likely, Republicans retain control of the House. Tougher if they retain control of the Senate. This could mean four more years of obstruction. Four more years of investigations. Four more years of rancor and fury, signifying very little.

total_knee_replacement_components_modelBrother Mark wanted to know if there were images of my new knee. This is a generic image that shows the components of a common knee prosthesis. Total knee replacement is an increasingly good procedure and all of the anecdotal data I’ve come across has been positive. To be able to walk easily, get in and out of the car without pain, exercise, hike with Ruth and Gabe, sleep with less pain medication, and build up my endurance will be wonderful. December 1st.

The grandkids are here this weekend. More wonder and awe. Pumpkin carving and a trip to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

I purchased a recent book on Vlad the Impaler. He’s become a fascination of Ruth’s. We got to talking about Dracula (I mean, who doesn’t? At least every once in awhile.) and I mentioned Vlad. She’s also noticed the t-shirt I bought Kate at Castle Bran, aka, Dracula’s Castle in the Carpathians. So, we’re going to learn more about him. And those stakes.




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