A Magical Mythical Tour

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Cooked a New England Boiled Dinner for supper tonight.  I cook the evening’s Kate works days, which are on weekends.  After my workout, as the corned beef burbled along on its 3 1/2 hours journey to fork done, I prepared four of my objects:  

A bronze boss of Oceanus, God of the World River

A red-figure Greek krater with Dionysus, Satyrs and Maenads cavorting

A bronze sculpture of Icarus

And Mauric Denis’ symbolist work, Orpheus and Eurydice

At 9:30 I came down here and finished the other four:

A painting of Calypso gazing off into the distance as Ulysses finally sets sail for Ithaca

A bronze sculpture of Theseus killing a Centaur

Rembrandt’s Lucretia

A painting of Diana with her two dogs and the hapless Actaeon in the background being eaten by his own dogs.

This is familiar turf for me.  Greek and Roman mythology works on and through us today, as it did all those years ago when Cicero and Caesar, Pericles and Leonidas were alive.  This is a high school group from Visitation High School. Don’t know why they’re going to be at the MIA on Sunday at 11:00 AM.  Maybe they caught the Saturday night folk mass.

Anyhow. I finished.

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