Hairdo By Tesla

38  bar falls 30.02  7 mph N dewpoint 31 Spring?

              Waxing Crescent Moon of Winds

Snow.  Lotsa snow.  An inch an hour possible.  Winds gusting this morning up to 13 mph.  That ol’ Hawthorn giant has his sinewy grip on us  and won’t let go.  My hope is that it winds down before Saturday, since I’ve got to travel about 200 miles north to Bemidji.  When I signed up to speak there last September, I didn’t imagine I might face blizzard conditions on the 13th of April.  Northern living.

Just looked over pictures from Kate’s trip.  Here’s Ruth at her #2 birthday party.  Hairdo by Tesla.


Our family is complete again.  Kate’s home. The dogs are home. I’m home.  Feels good.    

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