Burn, Baby, Burn. Energy Companies to World.

Winter                                  Waning Moon of Long Nights

As The World Burns, a Rolling Stone article about the cynical, no, make that breathtakingly cynical, oh hell, apocalyptically cynical lobbying efforts by big oil and big coal, lobbying to confuse and temporize the climate change debate in the US Congress, aim to blunt the efforts of the world–aka THE WORLD–to bring humanity back into the natural world which sustains us.  They make Big Pharma and Big Healthcare look like kindergartners pulling on the teacher’s dress for recess.

When the ocean rises, I hope Chevron, Amoco and all the other big energy companies have offices on the shoreline.  Perhaps the onrushing ocean will fill Big Coal’s mines and cover the mountains before they can be shaved.

These groups are like an auto-immune problem in the human body, when the body turns on itself and prevents help from coming.

I also hope that the authors of the Left Behind novels invested all that cash in energy companies.  Burn, Baby, Burn.

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