Rain? In January?

Winter                                               Waxing Cold Moon

These are the ten coldest days of the year on average.  And we have rain.  Whass’ up?

A full day back from the Mile High City, where it was spring, and I return to sloppy, icy gunk.  This is the stuff I moved out of Indiana to avoid.  I like winter when it’s winter.  I like fall when it’s fall.  Spring and summer I’m not fussy about, let’em come however the winds dictate, but winter and fall, my two favorite seasons, I prefer as I imagine them.  Rain in the third week of January is not as I imagine it.  But, of course, the weather gods do not listen to me, or to you for that matter, so we have to just shut up and take it.  I guess.

(Freyr:  Norse god of fertility and weather)

I mentioned Ruth several times over the last week.  Here is a picture of her at the rodeo:


Mostly back home now, better rested and ready to write and watch the Vikings on Sunday night.

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