Winter and the waning crescent of the Moon of the New Year

Ordinary Time

Friday gratefuls: Oxygen concentrators. The Oxygen Concentrator Store. Kate. Hypoxia. This crisis. That crisis. Covid. Armed seditionists, domestic terrorists, right wing Trump cultists. Exposed for what the word patriotism means to them. Trump. Go away, and, don’t come again another day. Brother Mark. Diane.

So Kate. Hypoxia. One of our concentrators gave out in the middle of the night. One we’ve had in for repairs twice, the last only two months ago. A confused time ensued when I got her the portable O2 concentrator and it didn’t seem to lift her O2 saturation readings. Sleepy. Gave her my O2 tubing, connected to the O2 generator I use at night. Not a big deal for me. My need for O2 at night is due to 8,800 feet and slight COPD, but I can do without it.

In the morning her O2 sats remained low. She was gray and chilled. Very unusual, that last, for Nordic Kate. Worked stuff around, got our third O2 concentrator kicked up a level and gradually her color returned. She got warm.

But the whole ordeal had wiped her out. Understandably.

Called the O2 concentrator store and said I’d like a new one. Joshua sympathized. But. We’d get you a recertified one right away, but Covid has us with no inventory. No recertified or new units. We’ll have to ship it off and see that you have no costs involved. Best I can do.

Just another random effect of the Covid crisis. Like Seaoh spending a full month of 2020 in quarantine. Like sister Mary unable to teach in Japan or make her way to Kuala Lumpur. Like brother Mark well into his longest stay in Saudi Arabia. Like toilet paper and standup freezer shortages.

Not to mention the newest superspreader event, the storming of the US Capitol by thousands of unmasked domestic terrorists. Seditionists. Acts of treason. These are the blasphemy equivalents for a democracy.

Fraught. Tired. Running at max rpms. Anymore and I’m into the redline. Exercise tomorrow. Not now.

Ordinary time. Yeah…


sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

treason: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family

Both definitions from Merriam-Webster

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