An Invisible Protective Shield

Yule and the New Year Moon

Where’s the Webb?  765000 miles from home and 134000 to L2. 85% of the journey. Mission day 19.5. Crawling along at .1906 mps. Only 687 miles per hour.

Friday gratefuls: The backsplash. Only needs grout. Chicken and pork from Cooks Venture. The LG washer. It just works. Like the Speedqueen dryer. A functional dishwasher and sink. Yes. 51 degrees. No. Asian food, especially Japanese and Korean. Cooking. Learning the basics. Soon. My pagan book. Growing. The Hermitage and Herme.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Naps

Tarot: Ten of Stones, Home


The Supremes. Bah, humbug. Court Packing. Yes. Eliminate the filibuster. Yes. Try to imagine that either one would do any good. Go on. Try.

The political weather outside is frightful. Our nation’s governance suffers from ship worms boring through the hull. The ship of state will sink at this rate. Aaacchh.

So I’ll ponder the ein sof, the ways of the tarot deck, the turning of the stars in the heavens. Reorganize my kitchen and rearrange my living room. Write another book or two. Keep the feet moving forward.


I feel alternately excited and upbeat about life here at the Hermitage and despondent about life down the hill. Anywhere down the hill. Glad my primary care doc is up here now. Fewer reasons to leave where life has some traction.

Jon and Gabe and Ruth plan to come up on Saturday. Probably Beau Jo’s pizza for supper. The kitchen will be finished next week, early next week I hope. I promised the food service would get better here when the kitchen’s done. I mean it.


Have to study tomorrow. Natal charts. How to read them. Sun sign, moon, and ascending. That’s where we (very amateur) astrologers start. After those we go to houses, aspects, planets. Then we scratch our heads and wonder if any of it makes any sense?

Got a couple of hours in on the Sefer Yetzirah yesterday. Felt good. Student mind opens to the worlds, the words, the ideas. Tries to grasp them, put them together. Connect things. Learn vocabulary and concepts. My favorite work of all. After writing fiction.


Got my Orgovyx (prostate cancer med) ordered yesterday. My copay has gone down to zero. Last year it was $10 a month. United Health Care wanted $834 a month. Choice: die or pay an extra $10,000 grand a year out of pocket. Gee. What would you choose?

Yes. National health care.


If you’re roaming around the Rockies, stop in and see me. It’s likely I’ll not be where you are anytime soon. Omicron and the crazy politics of 2022 are an invisible protective shield holding me up here.







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