Sweet honey to the rock of my sadness

Imbolc and the 3/4 Moon

Monday gratefuls: Vince and his laborer coming Wednesday to move furniture. Unloading the Stickley bookcase and the leather bench. And, the cd cabinet and the Stickley table. Herme goes upstairs. Jon’s work now in three print shows. His idea to take the bookcase downstairs. Ruth’s gentler habitus. Kep’s calm. 32nd anniversary next week. Kate, always Kate.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Kate

Tarot: Six of Stones, Exploitation


The Common Room

Getting ready for the big switch. Vince and his laborer come on Wednesday to move furniture around. The stationary bike will go to the loft, where I’ll use it for HIIT workouts. The cd cabinet (remember cd’s?) will go where it used to sit in the downstairs home office. The Stickley bookcase will go to my level downstairs, against the wall under the mini-split. The leather chair from Pottery Barn will go upstairs to the common room. The leather bench will come up to the loft, too. The teak dresser in my bedroom and the tv on it will go into the guest room, aka, Seoah’s room. The Stickley table will go up into Kate’s sewing room, creating a new dining room for larger meals.

The end result will be a comfortable conversation area in front of the fireplace, a Stickley themed space on my level, a place for guests to unpack and put their clothes away plus a tv if they want, a sorta formal dining area, and a place to take off boots in the loft and a stationary bike well suited to high intensity workouts. This will end the second phase of my plan. The first phase was the kitchen remodel. Which is almost, almost done.

The third phase will see the arts and crafts chandelier hung and Herme finally moved to his place on the wall. This phase requires an electrician. At that point I’ll declare a pause until spring when I have some landscaping/yard cleanup work that I hope Vince can accomplish. There’s another level of organization that the loft requires, too. I’ll be getting on that as soon as all this calms down. Mostly filing that needs doing as a result of my taking over the financial responsibilities.

My conceit is that Kate would have loved all this, but truthfully, I’m not sure. A lot of money splashed around, a lot of disruption. As she might have said, “I’m feeling penurious.” I know I’ll love all of it.

One unexpected but oh so good part of all this was my discovery of a notebook containing a page from January 2021, four months before Kate’s death. She had started a gratitude journal. Early in the month one entry read, “Charlie’s wonderful care.” A second, later in the month, “Charlie, always.” Sweet honey to the rock of my sadness.

Time for breakfast now and then more prep work for Wednesday’s moving day, a workout after. Gotta go. On the flip side.


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