A Rite of Spring

Spring                                    Full Awakening Moon

Liberal II:  The Present is now on the website.  Executive summary:  We live in a world dominated by liberal tendencies and that are, therefore, best understood and managed by a self-consciously liberal politics and faith.

Let the games begin.  The rite of spring has struck 7 Oaks.  We have received the breathless call:  One of your dogs is out!  Rigel.  Again.  Her more substantial sister, Vega did not follow her.  Kate went out in the truck to hunt her down while I walked the perimeter.  Again.

A circumstance I have hoped to avoid has come to  pass.  Rigel had dug herself out underneath the fence.  Denied the opportunity to belly over the chain link she has now decided to burrow out under the bottom.  This presents its own problems.  Electric fencing is more difficult close to the ground because weeds will grow up and short it out.  I guess the only answer this time is wiring boards to the bottom of the chain link, something I’ve done around much of the other 1/4 mile of fence, but not the part that Rigel chose for her daring, WWII attempt.

I know she loves us, but like many star-crossed tails, she has the wander lust.

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