Class A Brenda

Spring                                        Awakening Moon

Another Brenda Langston class under my belt literally and figuratively.  Literally:  we had a smoothie (it had brown rice in it.), an egg and kale and rice dish.  Breakfast.  Next, for lunch we had a red lentil soup with some whole grain bread.  Dinner was salmon with nutty crust and walleye with sesame seed topping, a leek/broccoli steamed veggies and a brown rice patty on a nori fold.  Tapioca showed up last as dessert.

Brenda was in good form tonight.  The kind of person you’d want to take home to mom and say, Brenda is my friend.  She’s funny, passionate, expert, opinionated in the gentlest of ways.  Her approach is tricky because she has done what zealots always decry; she has discovered the good in many, maybe all cuisines and says the best thing is to quit worrying, start making better choices and enjoy healthy food.  Makes sense to me.