Lughnasa                                                Waning Grandchildren Moon

Back from a long day at the MIA. Got there for the ten o’clock tour only to discover they didn’t need me.  I used the time to prepare for my 1:30 tour with the Campfire Girls.  I wandered through the museum in a leisurely way, seeing the cho ken garments, the ukiyo-e prints, the MAEP galleries with the wonderful bojagi bags and the Amada pieces on the brevity of life.  I also looked in on the Basins, Bowls and Baskets collection of work by women artists in those genres.

It was fun and, as often happens when I wander by myself, I found sparks flying for work I’m doing here at home.

Allison and I ate lunch at Christo’s, a pleasant diversion, the came back for the tour.   I was ready for girls, but my group included four young men.  Not to worry.  We had a fun time going through various parts of the museum looking at some things I had in mind and stopping at some things that attracted the group.  The hour went quickly.

Back home, let the dogs out and fed them, caught up on my e-mails and now I’m ready for a nap.

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