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“Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices — just recognize them.” – Edward R. Murrow

My dental hygienist told me I had an “open contact” between two back teeth.  When I questioned her on this seeming oxymoron she replied with a giggle, “I don’t know.  We just always say that.”

Mesial drift is a term I learned the last time I visited the dentist (over a year ago.  I missed my last appt.  Bad boy.).  It seems as we get older our teeth drift toward the middle of our jaw.  My hunch is that it comes from increasing brain size squeezing the outer jaw further apart, but I might be wrong about that.  When Dr. Mahler, my new dentist since the old dentist decided to hit the links full time, came in he told me it was also because those teeth have nothing to stop them from drifting apart.  Guess where it is not happening?  On the right side where I still have my wisdom teeth.  Get it?

George Carlin would nod and say, see, if he drove along France Avenue.  Before Centennial plaza, where Dr. Mahler grinds on, there used to be a space, then the Dayton’s Home Store.  Many changes later it is now the Macy’s Home Store.  The open contact between Centennial Plaza has a filling.  It is a very large two story store, The Container Store.  If Nicole, the dental hygienist has it right, this is a very large where you can buy stuff in which to store your stuff.  In the First Book of George the Prophet we have his famous dialogue on just this topic.

Before I sign off here, a comment on the Edward Murrow quote.  I fully agree with him and in that agreement recognize my own racism, sexism, classism and agism. I would go further than Murrow though to this:  We must recognize them and choose not to act on them.  Easier said than done, but the great project of any age.

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