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Samhain                              Waning Harvest Moon

Hmmm.  Vikings.  Hmmm.

Off to the grocery store this morning.  A domestic weekend.  Work outside yesterday and today, inside, storing carrots in layers of hamster bedding, getting and putting away groceries, making two more leek and vegetable chicken pot pies, getting them ready for the freezer tomorrow morning.  Kate peeled beets, cleaned carrots, leeks, and onions.  She’ll pickle the beets tomorrow.

A week less busy coming up and I’m happy about that.  Some decompression time.  Plan to make four more leek and chicken pot pies, using up the last of the leeks, get back into the translation of Ovid, prep for an Asia tour on Thursday, read.  Couple of appointments, but not much else.

I did agree to door knock on Tuesday morning for the DFL, a get out the vote effort on election day.  Most of me doesn’t want anything further to do with this election season, but the activist in me says one more push.  So, I’ll go.

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