Art Attack!

Samhain                                         New (Thanksgiving) Moon

Just back from Art Attack and the VIP event I helped organize with Debbie Woodward, the manager of the Northrup-King Building.  What an evening!  So many artists studios, most of them open, running along the corridors that used to hold the work of the Northrup-King seed company.  Three floors of long corridors, then an L turn and more corridor in a connected building, also with multiple floors.  Way bigger than I imagined.

Debbie put together the event itself, hired a caterer, engaged a jazz band, secured a performance artist and set up tables and chairs in a very large room with old wooden flooring, grain ducts cut off at the ceiling, huge concrete pillars and a wonderful shabby ambiance.  I would estimate a 150 guides or so total, coming from the MIA, the Weisman and the Walker.  The energy in the room was wonderful, a fun up beat, hip feel.

Glad it worked.

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