A Few Notes

Samhain                                             Waning Thanksgiving Moon

In no particular order, though there must be one, at some point, here a few notes I’ve taken from reading, living.

1.  Death happens.  To all of us.  Whether we fear it or welcome it.

therefore, it’s best to befriend death, to live with it as a counselor on your left shoulder, keeping you honest, authentic, true.

2.  Love beats everything else that comes before death.

therefore, it’s best to live a life loving as many and as much  you can.

3.  Certain things get in the way of love:

attachment to money, to particular things

a need for power

an unwillingness to be vulnerable

untrustworthy behavior


it’s best to clean up your act.

4. Passion is the next best thing after love.

passion requires clarity about self

clarity about self requires self-knowledge

self-knowledge undergirds both passion and love and allows an unblinking relationship with death

5.  Therefore,

It’s best to get your butt to the Temple of Apollo,

Cross under the lintel with gnothi seauton written above it

And get to know who you are.  No, who you really are.

6.  When you know who you are, your passions become obvious.

7.  With passion your life before death has value, vigor, oomph.

8.  With passion love retains its edge, its ability to cut through any thing left and carve your true you out of it

9.  This all may be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can do it.

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