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Love Is Not Only For the Animal World

Mid-Summer                                                           Waxing Honey Flow Moon Kate’s put up ten jars of red currant jam and put together six honey supers.  She’s a great ally in estate management with her skills.  She keeps saying, “I’m surprised how much major surgery slows … Continue reading

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Love, Sex and Scandal

Beltane                                                              Waxing Last Frost Moon Love, sex and scandal tour tonight.  We went from the Venus figurine, made 20,000 years ago, to the erotic work of Balthus, covering, in between nymphs and satyrs, heroes and centaurs, a raped Roman matron, … Continue reading

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The Beloved Community

Samhain                                                   Waning Harvest Moon Spent lunch with Leslie.  She’s progressing in her work at Groveland.  We had a very interesting conversation about a UU ecclesiology, not an easy topic since the notion loses something in importing it from Christianity.  UU’s … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                              Waxing Back to School Moon Nap.  Off to Ace Hardware for chemically resistant gloves.  Really.  Why would I use anything that required them?  Normally, I wouldn’t.  But the varroa mites compromise the divide’s ability to survive the winter and … Continue reading

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